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LinearStar Outdoor LED Fixture

LinearStar is a 24volt linear outdoor LED fixture perfect for front sign lighting or wall washing applications. Designed to mount directly above a target surface, the LinearStar features a swivel head to adjust the angle and provide optimal illumination on the target sign or wall surface.

Available in 1' and 4' sections, the 5000K bright LinearStar provides scalability for sign or wall lengths ranging from 4' to any length. Its specialized optics are designed to project light evenly along the height and length of a wall or sign. This system can run a maximum of 25 feet per single 100W LED driver, powered at one end or a maximum of 50 feet per two 100W LED drivers, powered at both ends. UL Recognized (E324062)


  • Durability 5-year warranty
EULE1250 10' Cable Whip   EA -
EULE1251 20' Cable Whip   EA -
EULE1252 100w Power Supplier with enclosure   EA -
EULE1253 Left, 4.2W, 5000K, Black, 1 ft   EA -
EULE1254 Right, 4.3W, 500k, Black, 1 ft   EA -
EULE1255 Centre, 17.2W, 5000K, Black, 4 ft   EA -
EULE1256 Left, 17.2W, 500K, Black, 4 ft   EA -
EULE1257 Right, 17.2W, 5000K, Black, 4 ft   EA -
EULE1258 Variable Angle Mounting Kit   EA -

  • 24V, 120-277
  • Available in 1' and 4' lengths that are scalable
  • Supports up to 24' length with a single 100W driver
  • Special refractive optics allow close placement of the fixture to the target surface
  • Powered by remote 100W Class 2 outdoor rated LED driver(s)
  • Easily serviceable - intermediate units replaceable without disturbing adjacent units
  • Mounts above target illuminating surface facing down
  • Adjustable swivel head to optimize illumination to target surface or fixed head for installation simplicity
  • 5-year warranty
  • Mounts above target illuminating surface facing down
  • Outdoor linear fxture that evenly illuminates flat and embossed surfaces