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T12 TriLightMAX Lamps

TriLightMax T12 series of fluorescent lamps in conjunction with Voltarc long life cup-cathode technology, use high-quality tri-band phosphors to yield exceptional color rendering for maximum lumen output and maintenance performance and provide 50,000 hours of rated useful life.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, T12 fluorescent lamps, when used with an electronic warm start ballast, provide up to 25% greater efficiency over conventional fluorescent lamps. Voltarc lamps are built with the sign-maker and serviceman in mind and are made to the same industry lengths as standard T12 high output lamps. TriLightMax T12 RDC's are designed to operate on both magnetic and electronic sign ballasts so new construction and changeovers are now a simpler process.


  • Sizes 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 64, 72, 84, 96, 108, 117, 120
EVMB5001 18" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5002 24" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5003 30" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5004 36" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5005 42" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5006 48" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5007 60" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5008 64" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS YES
EVMB5009 72" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS -
EVMB5010 84" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS YES
EVMB5011 96" Daylight HO, 15/cs   CS YES
EVMB5012 108" Daylight HO, 12/cs   CS -
EVMB5013 117" Daylight HO, 12/cs   CS -
EVMB5014 120" Daylight HO, 12/cs   CS -

  • Tubes are 1 1/2" in diameter
  • High Output Long Life Lamps - up to 50,000 hours
  • Provide up to 25% greater efficiency
  • High-quality tri-band phosphors yield exceptional color rendering and maximum lumen output
  • Rated for cabinets 6" and over
  • Daylight colour provides a vibrant light
  • Easy to retrofit into existing high-output sign lighting systems
  • Compatible with electronic and magnetic sign ballasts

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