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960 SGH6PRO4 Pro Gloss Paint Protection Film

960 SGH6PRO4 PPF is a virtually clear 8 mil paint protection film designed to reduce stone chipping and bug damage on painted surfaces. Excellent for protecting side mirrors, rocker panels, etc. Offers protection on new or used vehicles when applied to fully cured painted surfaces.

This film is specially designed to preserve the integrity of painted exterior automotive finishes. It protects surfaces in high-wear areas from stone chipping, abrasion, and most types of environmental damage while being virtually invisible. It is clear coated to help make it resistant to yellowing and staining. Once applied in accordance to application instructions, no special care is required.

Application areas include vehicle hoods, fenders, rocker panels, side mirrors, cab extension edges, box/bed and leading box edges.


  • Sizes 12" to 36" rolls = 33 yards long
    48" and 60" = 16 yards long
  • Finish Gloss
  • Durability 10-years from date of purchase
VH96012-V4-33 12", sold by the yard   YD YES
VF96018-V4-33 18", sold by the yard   YD YES
VJ96024-V4-33 24", sold by the yard   YD YES
VB96030-V4-33 30", sold by the yard   YD YES
VN96036-V4-33 36", sold by the yard   YD YES
VE96048-V4-16 48", sold by the yard   YD YES
VY96060-V4-16 60", sold by the yard   YD -

  • Improved flexible clear coat enables ease of installation
  • Exceptional clarity with low "orange peel"
  • Outstanding scratch and stain resistance
  • Excellent durability and resistance to yellowing and cracking
  • Self-healing technology that makes most scratches disappear
  • Ten year warranty
  • Trucks
  • Minivans
  • SUV
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Sports and Performance Vehicles

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