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LEDgen2 White & Coloured LED Modules

Allanson LEDgen2 12V LED modules are available in white, red, orange, green and blue in either 0.5W, 0.75W or 1W combinations. They feature a 160° beam angle which provides balanced and uniform illumination and consistent colour. This allows fewer modules to be used, lowering installation costs. LEDgen2 modules are fast and easy to install, and can be used in dry, dramp and wet locations. 5-year warranted. ROS comliant and UL recognized.

LEDGEN2 White has recently been updated to reflect L70 @ 90,000 hours, and operating temperature starting at minus 40C to plus 60C.

EAEA1033 0.5W White, 2/ft, 6500K   EA YES
EAEA1035 0.75W White, 2/FT 6500K   EA YES
EAEA1032 1W White, 2/ft, 6500K   EA YES
EAEA1034 0.5W Red, 2/ft   EA YES
EAEA1031 1W Red, 2/ft   EA -
EAEA1025 0.5W Blue, 2/ft   EA -
EAEA1039 1W Green, 2/ft   EA YES
EAEA1041 0.5W Orange, 2/ft   EA -
EAEA1040 1W Orange, 2/ft   EA -
EAEA1036 Neutral White, 2/ft   EA YES
EAEA1035-7000-075 0.75W, 7000K True White, 2/foot (72/bag)   EA YES
EAEA1035-7000-110 1.1W, 7000K True White, 2/foot (50/bag)   EA YES
EAEA1042 0.72W, Warm White 2/ft   EA -

  • 160° beam angle
  • Balanced and uniform illumination
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Excellent module efficacy
  • Fewer Modules required for lower installation cost
  • Consistent colour
  • Product can be used in dry/damp and wet locations (Not suitable for submersed applications) IP67
  • Available in 0.5W, 0.75W and 1W in both white and colours
  • RoHs compliant
  • UL recognized
  • Channel Letters
  • Cabinet Sign Boxes
  • Architectural Lighting

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