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Convex ProShield Laminate 12mil

Pro-Shield Laminate is a 12 mil flexible, heavy duty clear vinyl with clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Different combinations of base materials and Pro-Shield can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses and durability.


  • Construction 12 mil
  • Adhesive Clear
  • Colours Clear, Gloss
  • Durability 2 years, outdoors
GGMO1225 13" x 25 yards   25Y -
JGMD5113 24" x 10 yards   10Y -
JGMD5115 24" x 50 yards   50Y -
JGMD5118 30" x 10 yards   10Y YES
JGMD5119 30" x 50 yards   50Y YES
JGMD5116 54" x 25 yards   25Y -
JGMD5117 54" x 50 yards   50Y YES

  • Conforms to complex curvesConvex is not "shrink wrap", but it does conform well to rounded surfaces because it has less "memory" than other vinyl.
  • This heavy duty vinyl laminate with a permanent acrylic adhesive has an extremely durable surface and a resistance to failure in abusive applications.
  • Pro-Shield was developed as a solution for shroud and air box areas on MX bikes that receive a tremendous amount of abrasion from boots & knee braces.
  • Durable markings or decals on motocross bikes, ATV's, cars, gasoline pumps, vending machines, ATMs, outdoor power equipment, and other interior and exterior markings.
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