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GSF Finishing Foils

GerberColor Finishing (GCF) Series Cartridges are a line of foils designed to protect, enhance and add effects to Gerber EDGE produced graphics.

Available in two formats: Abrasion Guard and Matte Clear...Abrasion Guard is a clear, semi-gloss overprint foil that adds protection against moderate handling conditions...Matte Clear provides abrasion resistance and reduces glare to enhance legibility of printed graphics.

GCFSPF-75 Abrasion Guard, 75 metres   EA YES

  • EDGE Ready for superior printing results. EDGE printed graphics using GerberColor cartridges qualify for Gerber's unique MTS warranty coverage.
  • Durable, dimensionally stable, resin-based foils available in Matte Clear and Abrasion Guard.
  • Matte Clear is a top-coat GerberColor Foil designed to reduce the gloss level of printed graphics or cut vinyl. Graphics and vinyl that have been overprinted with GCF Matte Clear will have their gloss level reduced by 60%.
  • Abrasion Guard is a clear, top-coat GerberColor Foil designed to protect graphics from moderate contact or handling. The gloss level of Abrasion Guard is approximately the same as GCS, GCT, or GCP series foils.
  • 5 year exterior life expectancy provides outstanding value for many years.
  • Proven durability...GerberColor foils remain the industry benchmark for durability - proven by nearly 10 years of user experience under a wide range of conditions.
  • Contains no UV or chemical protective agents.
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Exterior signage
  • Decals
  • Labels
  • Murals
  • Stripings

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