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EnVision Supplies

The enVision 375 (15" tabletop) sprocket-feed plotter is designed for everyday use while offering the ultimate in speed, reliability, and durability. The enVision plotter runs on Gerber OMEGA software, as well as most popular design software platforms supporting HP-GL. With ultra-precise tracking and simple material loading, the Gerber enVision plotter is the fastest sprocket-feed plotters on the market.

Listed below is a collection of blades and accessories for the enVision series 375 (15" tabletop) or 750 (30" self-standing) sprocket-feed plotters.

NGS3681 30 Degree Knife, Set of 2   EA YES
NGSB3679 45 Degree Blade   EA YES
NGSB3680 60 Degree Blade   EA YES
NGS5916 Knife Assembly   EA YES

  • Multi-size platforms: Accommodates individual sign shop needs.
  • Patented punch pattern: Provides superior accuracy which reduces material shifting, cut time and waste due to cut errors. Enables ultra long unattended runs.
  • Easy material loading: Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed.
  • Re-engineered swivel knife: Provides greatly improved cut accuracy and throughput.
  • High performance servo drive: Continuous, automatic system monitoring assures a precision cut at every position at any speed.
  • View & Recover feature: Pause the job, slew material to check, then press start to have the material automatically re-roll and resume cutting.
  • EDGE Ready™: Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and Gerber EDGE® series printed graphics.
  • Open architecture: Compatible with leading design and cut software.
  • Intuitive user interface: Short learning curve and user intuitive.
  • Multiple functionality: Cutting, pen plotting and pouncing.
  • Carbide knife blades: Razor sharp and long lasting.
  • Multiple blade types: Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness. From standard vinyls to sandblast stencil.
  • For use with the enVision series 375 or 750

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