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UJV100-160 UV-LED Printer

UJV100-160 is a UV-LED cure printer that runs LUS-170 UV-cure inks in 1 litre ink bottles. This entry-level model offers operational performance, image quality and speed. With two newly developed on-demand piezo heads (2 staggered layout), the UJV100-160 provides high quality, high productivity, and stable operation as a UV-LED curable inkjet printer.

Ships with Rasterlink 7 RIP software, NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4), which enable stable high quality printing. This printer also includes DAS (Dot Adjustment System) which controls dot position and feed correction, that is now done automatically.

  • 63.4" max print width
  • Max DPI 1440, 4 picolitre drop size
  • Available in either 4 colour (CMYK), 5 colour (CMYK+W) or 6 colour (CMYK+W+CL) configurations
  • Electrical: single-phase AC100-120 / 200-240V +/- 10%, 50/60Hz +/- 1Hz
  • No drying time is required, it is possible to perform installation or lamination immediately after printing
  • Note that printers ship without ink, so a Start-Up Kit is always required


  • Colours Either 4 colour (CMYK), 5 colour (CMYK+White) or 6 colour (CMYK+ White + Clear)
HMIUJV100160 UJV100-160 63" Printer Only   EA -
IDMIUJV100LUSSTKT4C UJV100-160 Start-up Kit SS21, 4 Colour 1L   KIT -
IDMIUJV100LUSSTKT5C UJV100-160 Start-up Kit SS21, 5 Colour 1L   KIT -
IDMIUJV100LUSSTKT6C UJV100-160 Start-up Kit SS21, 6 Colour 1L   KIT -

  • Instant-dry UV-LED cure inks
  • MAPS4 - banding reduction function
  • 5 and 6 colour units can run 2 layers of white ONLY - white flood or spot white, either white under or white over
  • 6 colour unit ships with 129 Artista Patterns built in for the clear channel
  • Ships with the all NEW RasterlInk 7 RIP software (faster start up, improved PDF functions, new RIP engine, faster print/cut, faster step & repeat)
  • Comes with new DAS System - a dedicated printed pattern that is read by an internal sensor that automatically adjusts both dot size and media forwarding for optimal output
  • Individual set pinch rollers
  • Ethernet capability
  • Offers new automatic media alignment function for media feed
    • Banner
    • Pressure sensitive vinyl
    • Papers
    • Backlit films
    • Textiles

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