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TVF DigiSuperNova 7.8oz Backlit Latex Performance Textile

DigiSuperNova 7.8oz Latex Performance is a PVC-free, super smooth bright white, knitted, heavy-weight, quality textile that is manufactured in Germany. This heavy-weight opaque textile offers a very smooth tightly woven base that won't pin-hole when backlit and gives outstanding colour with or without back light. All performance textiles are HP Latex Certified and have a dry rubbing test rating of 4-5, which makes them suitable for sewing, finishing and transporting. They and are also easily installed without being damaged. NOTE: as this textile is knit, it can be both cold-cut with a sharp blade or hot-knife cut.

DigiSuperNova is ideal for illuminated and non-illuminated SEG frames, backlit displays, banners, tradeshows booths, and POP Displays.


  • Finish Tightly Knit, Smooth, Matte
JTVB6143 Variable width sample roll (anywhere from 25" - 40")   RL -
JTVB6140 61" x 75 feet   RL YES
JTVB6142 122" x 164 feet   RL YES

  • PVC-free
  • Tightly woven, smooth matte finish
  • HP Latex Certified
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Does not pin-hole when backlit
  • Heavy weight with excellent drape
  • Illuminated SEG frames
  • Backlit boxes
  • Retail POP Displays

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