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Ultra Board Plus

ULTRA BOARD PLUS is a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides by a smooth, moisture resistant sheet of 1mm expanded PVC. The foam and facers are permanently bonded together. The face laminates have been specially developed to provide an excellent surface for painting, silk screening, mounting and vinyl lay-up. Together with these properties and the ease and multitude of shaping methods make this an excellent choice for signage, mounting, exhibits, point of purchase displays and routed letters.

You may never cut another sheet of PVC or plywood once you have constructed an ULTRA PLUS sign. This is the lightweight, durable, rigid alternative to conventional materials. Ultra Plus is the most durable foam board product anywhere, easily replacing wood and aluminum in the construction of signs. It has the same qualities and versatility as expanded PVC panels, but is lighter and less expensive.

You can treat and cut Ultra Plus just like wood - use a circular saw, router, band saw or scroll saw. Anchor it with adhesives or with screws and washers.


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  • Colours White on White, Black on Black
RUPWTC4896 1/4" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiple of 16   SH -
RUPWTE4896 1/2" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiple of 12   SH -
RUPWTH4896 3/4" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiple of 8   SH -
RUPWTJ4896 1" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiples of 12 sheets   SH -
RUPK104896 1.5" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiple of 8   SH -
RUPWTL4896 2" 48" x 96" White, Trimmed, sold in multiple of 6   SH -

  • ULTRA BOARD panels are a strong, moisture resistant material and provide excellent outdoor durability.
  • Under most conditions ULTRA BOARD panels will not warp.
  • ULTRA BOARD panels are rigid, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Panels accept most printing inks well.
  • Signs
  • Mounting photos
  • POP displays
  • Painting
  • Framing
  • Screen printing
  • Exhibits
  • POP's
  • Prototypes

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