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PPS Paint Preparation Systems

3M PPS Paint Preparation Systems Version 2.0

Paint Preparation System 2.0 spray cup system has been reinvented to help make painting easier, and making the painting process cleaner and faster. The kit contains all of the reusable, disposable components of the system: 50 disposable lids with integrated collars and full diameter 200 micron filters, 50 disposable liners, 1 reusable hard cup and 32 sealing plugs. The 3M PPS system features disposable lids, liners and hard plastic cups in 4 sizes: 3oz (90mL), 13.5oz (400mL), 22oz (650mL) and 28oz (850mL). A choice of sizes offers maximum efficiency for every job, and helps lower your cost per use.

This system is also offered in standard 200 mircon filtre or optional 125 micron filtre for thicker paints

Note that this system requires PPS Version 2.0 Adapters Version 1.0 Adapters will NOT fit this new cup. However, 3M PPS Version 1.0 red dispensers can be used with 3M PPS Version 2.0.

PMM26199 Standard Lid 22oz, 125 Micron Filtre   PACK -
PMM26325 Standard Cup Liner Kit 22oz, 125 Micron Filtre   KIT -
PMM26112 Midi Liner Kit, 13,5oz   KIT -
PMM26000 Standard Liner Kit, 22oz   KIT YES
PMM26024 Large Liner Kit, 28oz   KIT YES
PMM26115 Mini Hard-Cup Kit, 6.8oz   BOX YES
PMM26114 Mini Liner Kit, 6.8oz   KIT YES
PMM26122 Midi Hard-Cup Kit, 13,5oz   BOX YES
PMM26001 Standard Hard-Cup Kit, 22oz   BOX YES
PMM16152 High Output Pressure Cup, 22oz   KIT -
PMM26023 Large Hard-Cup Kit, 28oz   BOX YES
PMM26003 PPS 2.0 Adapter #S2   EA YES
PMM26016 PPS 2.0 Adapter #S9   EA YES
PMM26046 PPS 2.0 Adapter #S15   EA YES
PMM26135 PPS 2.0 Adapter #S40   EA YES
PMM26139 PPS 2.0 Adapter #S43   EA YES

  • Offers a major boost to productivity and output quality.
  • Wide spout adapter with 4-point connection to mazimize stability
  • Domed lid with full-diamater filter allowing more paint to flow below with filter improving flow and spray consistency.
  • Quarter turn lid-lock system stays cleaner and has fewer parts.
  • New cup is pre-printed with mixing ratios and also has a new access window so you can hold the inner liner during removal or refilling, and it makes it easier to check paint levels.
  • Larger cup sealing plug allows you to plug the cup upside down.
  • Uses fewer lids by keeping the filters wet.
  • System reduces cleaning solvent consumption by up to 70% and reduces prep and clean-up time by up to 50%; compared to conventional paint cup systems
  • Offered in standard 200 mircon or optional 125 micron filtres for thicker paints
  • Painting of vehicles
  • Painting of sign boxes and pillons
  • Spot repairs

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