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ASLAN UltraTack DFP 6 Clear High Tack For LSE

Ultratack DFP 06 is a 3.15mil, clear film with an ultra-strong clear adhesive. This transparent, polymeric digital printing film is perfect for long-term applications requiring rock-solid, permanent adhesion. The silicone paper liner, PE-coated on both sides, provides high resistance to moisture and heat and guarantees optimum printing results. It can be laminated overtop of itself and is long-term outdoor durable for flat to curved surfaces. It can be applied at a minimum temperature of 5C. Due to the films transparency, even hard-to-stick surfaces can be designed to look like cut-outs without time-consuming weeding! Incorporating very detailed graphics, fade-out colour gradients or the look of the surface finish into the design also becomes possible. This film is REACH compliant and phthalate free.

Application can be either dry or wet. If applied wet with a lot of slip solution, a whitening of the adhesive can occur but will disappear on its own after a couple of days depending on the weather conditions.

Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cure inks.


  • Construction 3.15mil clear polymeric PVC. Phthalate free.
  • Adhesive Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive
  • Colour Clear, Gloss
  • Finish High gloss
  • Durability Long-term outdoor - 7 years
JASB1300-YD 54", sold by the yard   YD YES
JASB1300 54" x 54 yards, Clear   RL YES

  • For use on flat and curved surfaces
  • PVC-film, polymeric softened, transparent, glossy finish
  • Special adhesive with exceptional adhesive strength
  • Time-saving full-surface application: image elements no longer need to be laboriously cut out, plotted and weeded
  • Release liner PE-coated on both sides for optimum flatness and moisture stability
  • Short- to long-term application on hard-to-stick substrates such as rough, textured, highly absorbent or low-energy surfaces
  • For application on cold surfaces and application temperatures from 5C

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