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Vivid S LED Neon Flex Tubing

GreenLED's Vivid LED Neon Flex tubing is a revolutionary product that delivers all the benefits of glass neon with none of the drawbacks. It offers seamless fittings built to preserve light uniformity, and is engineered for on-site configuration and assembly. Vivid coloured jacket technology provides a brighter, vibrant colour and day/night consistency of colour.

VIVID LED technology is extremely energy efficient. It is also durable and free of all the maintenance issues that plagued traditional glass neon.

MGLLD3011 Green Jacket, 11.5mm 24volt, min order 65 feet   FT -
MGLLD3013 Red Jacket, 11.5mm 24volt   FT YES
MGLLD3027 Blue Jacket, 11.5mm 24 volt   FT YES
MGLLD3015 White, 11.5mm 24volt 5700K   FT -
MGLLD3019 180 Lead Wire, IP68, 3.28' 11mm 24volt   EA -
MGLLD3020 End Cap for 270* IP68 Stainless Steel Clasp   EA -
MGLLD3021 Anodized Aluminum Clip LN-11 Self Locking   EA YES
MGLLD3022 Anodized Aluminum Clip 5cm Mounting Clip   EA -
MGLLD3025 Jumper Wire, 270*, 30cm, 11.8"   EA YES

  • Coloured jacket technology enables the same, bright colour to be seen day and night
  • 10% brighter than LED neon flex competitors
  • Minimum bend radius of 60 mm or 2.59"
  • IP 68 rated for wet/damp/dry locations
  • Flexible cutting lengths: blue/white/green cut every 3.94"; red/yellow/orange cut every 6.74"
  • Quick and simple installations with aluminum clip U channels
  • Three year warranty
  • Script lettering
  • Building highlighting and borders
  • Under counter lighting
  • Retail and POP lighting
  • Large channel letters
  • Cove lighting