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Spike by Ike

Spike: The indispensable estimation solution. Spike allows you to measure an object simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, you can capture real-time measurement estimates including areas, elevations, distances between two points, and GPS/GNSS location. Spike is a laser estimation solution that allows you to estimate and design faster by measuring areas, widths, and heights of existing or new signs, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet and Spike device. Spike is accurate within +/- 1% and pays for itself in 3-5 uses, and cuts costs by more than 50% by measuring without expensive equipment or labour.

    The Spike laser device, Spike mobile app, Spike Cloud and your smartphone or tablet work together, and enable you to:
  • Save Money: Keep installation and service trucks busy on current jobs and not on sales quotes.
  • Save Time: Reduce time spent on-site measuring to just the seconds it takes to capture photos.
  • Make Money: Sales staff can take on more bids because of the time savings and the lack of dependency on additional labour or bucket trucks.
  • Measure While Designing: Import Spike's 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected image directly into Flexi, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or LED Wizard, and measure the Spike photo using the native tools.
  • Skip Site Visits: With Spike's Photo Measurement feature, you can take a photo of an existing sign or area for a new sign, and from that one photo measure multiple heights, lengths, and areas at any time.

WIKSPIKEPHONE Spike for Smartphones (with clamps)   EA YES
WIKSPIKETABLET Spike for Tablets (with adhesive)   EA YES

  • Capture measurements from a photo using the Spike app and your Smartphone
  • From a photo you can measure height, width, area length and cutout area
  • This feature enables you to assess, evaluate and catalog physical structures, such as buildings, statues, landmarks, and oil or gas tanks, by capturing positional data remotely
  • Pinch and zoom mode makes it easy to zoom in on a photo for fine tune measurements
  • Spike can quickly capture your location and a scaled image of the target location which includes Latitude, Longitude and Altitude
  • Spike supports distances up to 650 ft (200m), enabling you to capture hard to reach or hazordous targets
  • Export and share captured photos and data
Industries that utilize Spike are:
  • Sign & Graphics
  • Appraisals & Assessments
  • Construction
  • Facility Management
  • Architecture
  • Government