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Hot Knife Cutter for Textile

Foster HSGMs HSG-0 is a 120V, 60W hand-held heat knife ideal for accurately cutting and sealing the edges of synthetic fabrics that could flex, unravel or fray. The knife attaches to your Foster cutter bar with a single allen key adjustment (e.g., Sabre, Sabre 2, Evolution and Evolution-E2 cutter bars). This hand operated tool is meant for cutting small quantities and is recommended for short-time operation only. Heat up time of blades approx 6-8 seconds. Heat may be controlled by switching the unit on and off. Made in Germany.

Type N Blade - precision-based pointed blade with 9mm of heated cutting area is designed for fine fabrics and is useful in projects requiring curved cuts

Type R Blade - general-use blade (1.14 inches of heated surface) cuts straight lines easily on glass surfaces and is designed for synthetic fabrics, webbing and ropes of up to 17mm diameter.

NKEB7100 HSO-0 Heat Knife 120V,60W   EA -
NKEB7101 Type N Precision Blade (Pointed Shape)   EA -
NKEB7102 Type R General Use Blade (Foot Shape)   EA -

  • Warm up time: 6-8 seconds
  • Save time and money and reduce work-related injuries from cutting by hand or with a standard utility blade
  • Human errors and makeshift straight edges are now a thing of the past.
  • Blade temperature: approx. 1100 degrees
Easily cuts synthetic fabric/textiles.