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KULKA 583 Sockets

Button Sockets

582.GDF & 583.GDF series dead front design sockets have blue O-rings for electronic or magnetic ballasts and are for 800 and 1500mA lamps. UL listed and CSA certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures, these sockets completely isolates the face of the socket from ground. Featuring Fabulex Thermoplastic mounting clips, no metal clips means no corrosion or electrical grounding.

582.GDF-IS & 583.GDF-IS Shunted series sockets have the same button style and are internally shunted with red O-rings for single wire electronic ballast applications for 800 and 1500mA instant start lamps. These sockets are as above and are UL listed, CSA certified and have Fabulex Thermoplastic mounting clips.


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EVMA4012 582.GDF Stationary Socket   EA YES
EVMA4013 583.GDF Spring Socket   EA YES

  • Button style, dead front design
  • 582.GDF and 583.GDF - blue O-ring standard models are for use with both electronic and magnetic ballasts
  • 582.GDFIS and 583.GDFIS - red O-ring, shunted models are for electronic ballasts only
  • Both models have snap-in mounting, 9" long leads with gasket and pitch
  • Both models feature a silicone treated neoprene "O" ring
  • Recommended panel thickness for mounting is No.20 - No.18 gauge STD (.036-.048")
  • UL File No. E-13408; CSA File No. LR95423 certified for outdoor use in enclosed signs and fixtures
  • 660 Watts, dual rated 600 V or 1000 V
  • Lead wires 9" (228.6 mm) long, 18 AWG stranded and tinned lead wires, 1/2" stripped, standard
  • Wire rated: AWM 1000V, 90C (194F)

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